Returning home after winning their first victory in the 2020 edition of the Brasileirão, Flamengo faces Grêmio this Wednesday, August 19th.
The match is part of the schedule for the fourth round of Serie A of the Brazilian Championship. The stage will be Maracanã, in Rio de Janeiro.
The kickoff is scheduled for 19h15 (Brasília time).
Although there was a movement in an attempt to change the regulation of the Brasileirão, the system of points scored, implemented in 2003, ended up prevailing for season 2020.
In this way, the teams will face each other in round-trip games for 38 rounds and, in the In the end, whoever has the most points gets the trophy.
The vast distribution of seats in international tournaments has also been retained.
The first four places win a place in the group stage of the Copa Libertadores 2021.
Whoever is in the fifth or sixth position can also get there. However, before you have to go through the elimination phase.
The classification zone for the next edition of the Copa Sudamericana extends from the seventh to the twelfth place.
The last four will be relegated to Serie B.


The Flamengo squad rebellion worked. After the defeats to Atlético-MG, by 1 to 0, at home, and the trampling suffered against Atlético-GO, by 3 to 0, in Goiânia, the athletes solved the problem in the tactical modifications implemented by the Spanish coach Domènec Torrent .
In a meeting, they asked him to step back and put the team back together as in Jorge Jesus’ time.
It was not like the old days, however, it was without great adventures that the red-black man managed on Saturday, August 15, his first victory in the Brasileirão.
In Curitiba, he scored 1 to 0 at Coritiba. Goal scored by De Arrascaeta in the 28th minute of the first half.
That was it even playing against a rival with ten athletes since the 12th minute of the final stage, when Renê was expelled.
However, it produced much more than in previous games. There were 18 attempts to finish during the confrontation.
Seven of them on target. Nothing extraordinary, but a significant improvement over the first games. On the right-hand side, the coach hired João Lucas, who should remain at the post with Rafinha’s departure until the Chilean Isla’s contraction, which is being negotiated, takes effect.
One of the biggest criticisms of the coach in the match against Atlético-GO was the improvisation of defender Rodrigo Caio in the sector.


After saving holders against Ceará and staying in the tie, in Fortaleza, by 1 to 1, Grêmio put on the field the team considered main to face Corinthians on Saturday, August 15, in Porto Alegre, and did not leave the 0 a 0 with Grêmio.
Veteran Diego Souza had the best chance to score in the 33rd minute of the final stage, but missed a penalty kick.
Despite the frustrating result, the tricolor was dominant in the match.
Even if I don’t have more time in possession (47%), it was much superior in offensive creation.
He had 23 finishing opportunities against only five from São Paulo.
The proportion was very close in the right finishes: 8 to 2. However, he was unable to swing the net.
The rivalry against Flamengo, which thrashed him in a humiliating way last year in the Copa Libertadores da América dispute, ruled out any possibility of the formation of a mixed team or reserve on Wednesday.
Thus, Grêmio will put their main squad in the match.
If Renato Gaúcho triggers his ‘laziness’ again, which is quite common in his pseudo work, it will be in the match against Vasco, also in Rio de Janeiro, scheduled for Sunday, August 23.

Football Prediction of the Day Flamengo vs Grêmio

Certainly motivated to pay back the humiliation suffered last season, Grêmio should have a much higher intensity than Flamengo, which is well below what could be expected at the current moment.
Therefore, the prognosis for the success of the tricolor is the best guess for Wednesday’s confrontation for the fourth round of the Brasileirão 2020.

Bet Tips: Flamengo
Odds: 1.94

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