Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors will receive Suwon Samsung Bluewings on matchday one of South Korea’s K League 1, the strongest football league.
As a result, the cup winner enthroned with the reigning champion. On May 8th, 2020 at 12 noon, the game will kick off at the World Cup Stadium in Jeonju.
So far, these two have met over 40 times across leagues, with Jeonbuk Motors often being the winner.
You can read more about the direct duels on this page after experts have subjected them to a detailed analysis.
Finally, we also want to provide you with an experienced prediction about the game and well-founded information about the most lucrative betting options.
So you can get the best out of your betting tips. For this reason, you will find an extensive odds comparison in the betting tips and forecasts.

Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors

The team from Jeonju has been an integral part of South Korea’s strongest football league since 2011.
In 2020 they already played 5 games. 3 friendly and 2 in the AFC Champions League. You have not won a single game, but lost 3 and made 2 draws.
They met 4 times and allowed 10 goals. To get a better impression of Jeonbuk Motors, we looked at the 2019 season.
They finished this for the 3rd time in a row on the 1st place in the table, but after the championship round, because after the basic round they only took 2nd place with 68 points. You won 19 games and lost only 3. They also drew eleven. They scored 64 times and allowed 30 goals. Together with Ulsan, they were the strongest in the final, but the best in defense.
They were also the strongest home team and had been the strongest abroad. As a result, they won 10 out of 17 home games and lost only 2. 5 draws were also possible. They finished 31 times and 14 points allowed them. 9 wins and 6 draws were possible away.
Once they only surrendered. Another goal balance of 33:16 was possible.
In the subsequent championship round, they did not suffer a single defeat.
3 wins and 2 draws followed, as well as 8 goals in 5 games and only 2 goals.
You have been trained by the Portuguese José Morais since 01.01.2019, who has an average success rate as a trainer of 1.59 PPS.
He has never lost to Bluewings or their coaches, but was able to ensure 2 wins and 1 draw.
Hence he already decided the direct coaching duel.

Suwon Samsung Bluewings

In total there were 49 games that these two clubs from South Korea played against each other. Jeonbuk won 20 of them and the Bluewings only 14. 15 games ended in a draw. Hit Jeonbuk 87 times and Suwon 62 times. In front of their home crowd, Jeonbuk only had to surrender 8 times in 27 games and be content with a draw eight times.
In 2019, these two teams played 3 games against each other, of which Jeonbuk won 2: 0 and once won 4: 4 and once a 1: 1 was possible. In 2018 they last lost to the Bluewings. Only five times in the last 10 direct duels more than 2.5 goals have been scored and only three times scored both teams. Jeonbuk also won the first half and often the second half in these games. In the past 4 home games, more than two goals have never been scored, and in 3 of them only Jeonbuk scored.
Only 2 AFC Champions League games are known from Suwon Bluewings in 2020, none of which they won, but in both documents. They only finished once and had to allow 3 goals. However, in order for us to be able to provide you with a somewhat well-informed prediction about the game, we looked at the 2019 season, which ended it as the crowning cup winner in 8th place in the table, and consequently they were also represented in the relegation round. In 2019 they were the fifth best away team and the third weakest home team.
In total, they won 10 games and were satisfied with 10 draws. They accepted 13 losses. They only scored 38 times and allowed 41 goals. That made them the fourth weakest in defense and the fifth weakest in defense. From 16 away games they won 6 and lost 6. 4 draws were possible, as were 23 goals and 21 goals conceded.
4 wins and 6 draws were possible in front of the home crowd.
They surrendered 7 times. They ensured a goal balance of 15:20.
In the relegation round they suffered only one defeat, as well as a single draw.
So 5 games were won. They met 16 times and allowed 4 counters.
Since 03.12.2018 they have been coached by Im-saeng Lee, who has an average success rate as a trainer of 1.72 PPS.
We have already written about the balance in the direct trainer duel, according to which he has no victory.

Football Prediction of the Day Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors vs Suwon Samsung Bluewings

We assume that Jeonbuk Motors will win and therefore advise a tip 1, especially since the odds are useful in this winning bet.
As halftime bets we can recommend a tip 1 half 1, a tip 1 half 2 or a tip 2 wins both halves, whereby we would prefer a placement on the 1st half.
We do not expect both teams to score, so we would say no. In the over / under bets, we can place under 2.5 goals.
A tip 1 wins to zero would therefore only be stringent.

Bet Tips: Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors

Odds: 1.71

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