Shagadam and Kopetdag play for the sixth round of the Yokary Liga on Monday in Turkmenistan.
The home team has achieved its first win of the season in the last round and will be more confident here.
Kopetdag has been more unstable, in an adverse sequence. The duel between Shagadam and Kopetdag happens at 07h of Brasília.
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Shagadam was at the forefront of the Yokary Liga last season.
This year, it has still been difficult for you to get used to the spotlight.
The team was only able to achieve its first victory in its last match.
If they want to continue to dream of recovering the ground lost in the first matches of the season, the team needs to present more here.
Shagadam has managed to remain more regular tactically.
The team has managed to make games more focused, say. However, to live up to expectations, Shagadam needs to present more with ball possession, first of all.
Bringing pre-season numbers, for example, Shagadam has not scored goals in four of the last six games played.
Needing to show more, being more confident after the last victory, Shagadam hopes to raise its pace here again.
Shagadam is a little more competitive as principal, but it still owes. But his only win of the season came in front of his fans.
There is confidence to show more here, in fact.


The Kopetdag was far from brilliant, in fact.
But the team had prevented adverse sequences from appearing until then.
In the last two games, however, the team has seen its level of competitiveness be more limited, causing the first adverse streak of the year to be consummated.
But since they had had a good time earlier this season, Kopetdag still has enough to stay on the front page of the Yokary Liga leaderboard. but of course, being able to produce more this morning is mandatory in order not to see your bad phase being established, leaving the desired first page quoted.
But being a tactically centered team, with a good tactical balance, Kopetdag hopes to be more willing to make their level of competitiveness grow again.
Kopetdag scored on their two outings this season.
But the team needs to be willing to show more here.

Football Prediction of the Day Shagadam vs Kopetdag

It will be a close match. The two teams, in my view, have similar technical levels. But only the visiting team showed its competitiveness with a little more constancy until then.
However, it comes from two bad performances. For their part, Shagadam achieved their first victory of the year in their last performance and will be more confident here, without a doubt.
But Kopetdag has been enjoying games away from home.
I even believe in Shagadam’s greater excitement by giving it a slight favoritism.
But needing more again, I believe that Kopetdag will fight to avoid defeat here, at least.

Bet Tips: Kopetdag AH +0.75

Odds: 1.43


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