The last match of the day of the Belarusian championship takes place on Gorodeja Stadium where the host team receives a visit from Shakhtyor Soligorsk at 18:00.
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The hosts tried as much as possible in the previous season to get closer to the European cup area, but without much success, trying this time, but the difference in value of the lot compared to the top formations is still quite large.
At the end of winter training, Gorodeja managed to win 3 friends, but not enough to offer him a first success in the start of the season. He lost in the first stage of Vitebsk, score 0-1, failing to return in the second half even with an extra man.

Shakhtyor Soligorsk

For several years now, tonight’s guest band has not missed the European Cups, taking the podium in the previous season, being 10 points.
Shaktar Soligorsk promises to aim for the title this time but until then she has to return again after committing it in the first round.
Even in the start of the season on his own field was defeated by Zhodino, score 0-1.
He managed to qualify further in the Belarus Cup even in front of Zhodino, a trophy he won a season ago.

⚽️Probable and Absent Teams.

🔺Probable teams:

▪️Gorodeja (4-4-2): Dovgyallo – Arkhipov, Baiduk, Ignatenko, Joximovic – Pavlyuchek, Poznyak, Sajcic, Sazonovich – Sorokin, Volovik
▪️Shakhtyor Soligorsk (4-4-2): Gutor – Ancient, Bodul, Diasamidze, Kendysh – Khadarkevich, Matvejchik, Politevich, Selyava – Shindagoridze, Szoke

🔺History Direct confrontations:

▪️In the previous season, Shaktar Soligorsk made only one point in this trip, scoring 0-0, still managing to win from 2018 when he pushed himself to the limit with a score of 1-0.

Football Prediction of the Day Gorodeja vs Shakhtyor Soligorsk

According to the recent results and the difference in value between the two teams, we should witness a victory of the guest team.
The hosts started with the left the new season but it was seen that there is no motivation, but no lot strong enough to tick a ranking high in the standings.
Shakhtyor Soligorsk is forced to win after the defeat in the first round, which has been quite undeserved for tonight’s guests who had many empty opportunities, but the lack of concentration at the end said the word.

Bet Tips: 2 soloists

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