With their focus on the cups, Lyon turns their attention to the French Championship this Sunday, 16 February.
It will open the match day schedule for the twenty-fifth round of the 2019/2020 version of Ligue 1 against Strasbourg.
The duel will take place at the Parc Olympique Lyonnais stadium in Lyon.
The kickoff is scheduled for 11am (Brasília time).
The elite division of France has 20 teams. The season has 38 days and at the end of the dispute leads the top three to the Champions League, with the first two securing a place in the group stage and the third having to dispute the qualifiers to get there.
Whoever takes fourth place goes to Europa League. The relegation zone is reserved for the three worst, but there is also a difference in quality between the positions. The latter two go directly to Ligue 2, while the antepenultimate still has a chance to escape the fall by playing in the playoffs with a Second Division club.


▪️After securing their place in the French League Cup decision, in which they will set the title with Paris Saint-Germain on April 4, Lyon also stepped forward in the French Cup.
▪️The possibilities of conquest open in the hearts.
▪️He is still in the Champions League, where he will make his debut on the 26th of February, also in his domains, in the round of 16 against Juventus.
▪️In this scenario, the French Championship is the last one in the priority line. With 33 points (nine wins, six draws and nine losses), Lyon occupies the ninth position in the league table.
▪️It is seven points below Lille, fourth place and last team in the region that yields places for international tournaments.
▪️As a client, performance is even lower. He is the fourth worst owner of the Ligue 1 home.
▪️Of the 33 points he played as a column he collected 15 (four wins, three draws and four losses) having scored 14 goals and conceded six goals.


▪️Strasbourg, on the other hand, with no other tournament to play after the eliminations in the cups, turned its focus solely and exclusively to the French Championship.
▪️The adjustment in priorities yielded two victories against Toulouse (1-0) and Reims (3-0).
▪️With that, it moved up to sixth position in the leaderboard. With 36 points (11 wins, three draws and ten losses), he aspires for a place in the next version in the Europa League.
▪️This season narrowly missed that possibility.
▪️Having won the French League Cup last season, you can play in the continental tournament qualifiers.
▪️After overcoming two stages, he fell in the last stage earning a place in the group stage.
▪️As a visitor, he has the eighth best campaign in Ligue 1.
▪️Of the 36 points he played in column two, he won 13 (four wins, one draw and seven losses) having scored nine goals and conceded 14.

Football Prediction of the Day Lyon vs Strasbourg

On an ascending trajectory, Strasbourg has the prognosis in its success against Lyon the most suitable guess for this Sunday’s match for the twenty-fifth round of the 2019/2020 version of the French Championship.

Bet Tips: Lyon 

Odds: 1.66


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