Betting, without seeing any intimidation on the part of the rival to face, the Venlo can get some punctuation here.


Venlo is still on the first page of the leaderboard. But the moment the team crosses is a bit scary. To get an idea, only the lantern of the competition has recent numbers lower than yours. Venlo arrives at this match being in a sequence of five matches in winning, having lost three times in this stretch.Yes, Venlo is owed as a whole, no doubt. However, the team has been overwhelmed by adversity within the games, making it even more vulnerable on the pitch. In five of their last six games, Venlo have conceded at least two goals in the field, suffering some thrashing in this stretch. The return home is what makes you believe it. In spite of the bad moment crossed, the Venlo still manages to present more like principal.The coach Maurice Steijn will not be able to count on Roel Janssen, injured.


Although his moment is superior to that of the opponent, it represents very little. The same is surrounded by drama because of the unexpected presence very close to the dreaded relegation zone – the difference to it is only one point and one position at the moment. The Zwolle arrives at this match being three games without winning, having lost twice in this period.In tactical terms, his difficulties are very similar to those experienced by his adversary. Their lack of confidence in the field directly interferes with greater difficulties – especially on the defensive side. In four of their last six games Zwolle have conceded at least three goals. As a visitor, Zwolle may even come up with some surprise or surprise, but their numbers are also lacking. Not adding points here may mean entering into the dreaded relegation zone in this round.Still without a coach, Zwolle will not be able to count on Thomas Lam and Darryl Lachman, suspended.

Football Prediction of the Day Venlo vs Zwolle

It has everything to be a hard game, well disputed. The phase of the two teams is similar not only in recent results, but also in the way of acting. The two are leaving much to be desired. However, Venlo has in his favor the fact that when he plays in his home, still manage to raise his pace.

Bet Tips: Venlo or Draw

Odds: 1.42

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