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Of course, it’s still too early to say what teams will be able to pick up at LaLiga this season. But for the Hollow, possibly all the rounds should have a crucial weight, to think of permanence. In this way, having competitive numbers in this early season, fills the hopes club. The Huesca were only defeated by Barcelona as a visitor in the three official matches held in the season so far.
His way of acting, in my view, is that he has made his opponents come to be surprised. Huesca has managed to play with confidence and daring offensive, giving jobs over par to whom you are facing. Yes, his form of action, however, when he comes face to face with offensive force – like the last one, Barcelona – can leave him in an embarrassing situation, too – the defeat for the opponent was 8 × 2 at the time. But, trusting in the house factor, not intimidating with who comes to face, the Huesca wants to show itself capable, again.
Huesca have scored eleven goals in the last six games and suffered fifteen goals in that period.

Rayo Vallecano

After the access achieved last season, it seems that Rayo Vallecano has not yet found the best pace to be competitive in the Spanish national elite. Okay, the team has one match less than most clubs, but it has not scored points in the duels it held and did not play well in these performances. The bad phase, by the way, comes from the preseason. In all, the team did not win for five matches, having lost four of these matches.
Unlike the rival, who arrived presenting quite offensive competitiveness, mainly, Rayo Vallecano has been quite shy in this sector. The team did not score in half of their last six games. Knowing what he needs to improve, facing a rival who, whether he wants to or not, is more fragile than the last faced, in theory, Rayo Vallecano hopes to be able to produce more to get his first points in LaLiga. As a visitor, it turns out, your life is often even more complicated.
Rayo Vallecano scored just five goals in his last six games and suffered ten in the same period.

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The bet will look strange, but I see value. The home team is enjoying a moment of greater confidence, but Rayo Vallecano, more experienced at the national elite level, has the perfect chance to finally give the imagined answers to a rival that was with him in the second division last season. For the greater offensive quality, the Huesca even deserves the favoritism, but knowing that you are a very important game for you, I see chances of Rayo Vallecano, at least, to avoid the heavy defeat here.

Bet Tips: Rayo Vallecano AH +1.25

Odds: 1.25

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