It is possible to bet on many online platforms, but bet365 is undoubtedly the best one on the internet, since it is not only possible to create slips on the website , but also to watch free live streaming of football championships : a great option for all bettors to analyse the progress of a match (especially for the LIVE games): all this is possible thanks to the Direct TV service of bet365.

  • Q: But how much do you pay for all this service?
  • A: Nothing! It is FREE! All you need is to register with the Bet365 website and have a positive balance in your account.

bet365 Live Streaming: The Online Service

The many matches live streaming on bet365 will help the bettors, although it should be noted that for some of them the bookie may not have the rights to broadcast.
For the version of a specific football match, bet365 offers all its customers the vision of a specific football match in streaming online with IP address. This service is made available to customers who bet on various sports events, one more reason to devote themselves to Bet365 sports betting.

bet365 – free football streaming from Windows PC

The start of Live TV streaming live at Bet365 takes two minutes before the scheduled start for that same sporting event or that the customer has chosen to watch. This service is also accessible from Microsoft PCs with the operating system Windows XP or higher and with Internet Explorer 8 browser.
Bet365 offers live and live streaming results of Serie A/B, Ligue 1, Liga, Bundesliga, Premier League matches.

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