After the relegation, Hamburger SV has experienced an annual charge of dimensions. The team should still be considered stronger than Holstein Kiel, but team news speaks to Kiel’s advantage, and maybe there is also a bit of odds overestimation due to the “big team” HSV.

Several wage-earners have left Hamburg for this season. Six-legged players and a total of 13 men from the first-team squad are gone.
Hamburg is for the season premiere without players like Kyriakos Papadopoulos, Gideon Jung, Albin Ekdal, Arianit Ferati, Bakery Jatta and Filip Kostic.
Especially in the center defense, the absence of Papadopoulos and Jung is not reassuring. Four center defenders remain in the squad, but they are young and untested.
Holstein Kiel is similar to being able to make up for the most powerful.
Everything can happen in the season premiere. The early matches in the season typically contain more surprises than when the season has become “mature”.
Has the odds market overestimated Hamburger SV? If yes (which I mean to mock), it’s probably because of the “big club name”.
The X2 doubles are highly paid (and too high) – see explanation below the “Game form” section.

Watch out for

Looking objectively at the two players, Hamburg should qualify as a qualitative minimum a bit better than Holstein Kiel.
Also Holstein Kiel goes weak for this season. Kiel has lost the two goalkeepers Dominik Drexler and Marvin Ducksch as well as Rafael Czichos.
Holstein Kiel was the most scoring team in last season’s 2nd Bundesliga, but Drexler and Ducksch accounted for 30 of the team’s total of 71 boxes.
Holstein Kiel may overpower last season with a third place in the table. Now they are facing the typically difficult second season that upsets.

Odds Market Hamburger SV – Holstein

The tendency of recent days has been that the odds on Holstein Kiel have been falling. No need to worry, because in this case you can actually “cheat” the market, more specifically Bet365 (see the following section “game form”).

Game form: I have chosen to play Holstein Kiel on an X2 double, and because of the very specific odds on the double market at Bet365 , offering odds 2.25 for Holstein Kiel not to lose. The same odds of 2.25 can be obtained from Bet365 on the corresponding European Handicap Market (0-1) on the same outcome, but looking at Bet365’s Asian odds, they only give odds 2.10 for Holstein Kiel +0 , 5, and it is one and the same outcome. As a player, the choice is obviously easy, taking the highest odds of course. By comparison, Bet365’s X2 odds of 2.25 are better than best available odds on the Asian market, so what has happened to Dear Bet365, of course, have market adjusted their Asian odds, but they have not adjusted either double or European handicap odds. Take advantage of it.

Best payment for an X2 double at Holstein Kiel: Odds 2.25 at Bet365 , 2,20 Betfair Games Exchange , 2.15 bwin .

Historical relegation: Nothing is so bad for something that is not good for anyone else. For the first time ever, Hamburger SV is not found in the 1st Bundesliga, but their relegation from the best line will probably bring the attention to the 2nd Bundesliga. And in this connection it will be interesting to see how many people this Friday night at the 2nd Bundesliga season premiers meet at the Volksparkstadion in Hamburg. Last season blasted 2. Bundesliga with an average attendance of 21,560, and with Hamburg in the row, this figure will be even higher in 2018/19.

Fast HSV return to the 1st Bundesliga? – hardly: It will be interesting to follow Hamburg this season, how many HSV fans undoubtedly expect a quick return to the 1st Bundesliga. However, this one does not believe this writer is on. The reload, and it’s hardly over yet, has been high in HSV, and the squad does not look like being able to compete in the top of the 2nd Bundesliga.

In terms of price, it is also interesting whether Hamburg may not “get a little too much” , in confidence and thus higher prices against them, simply because of the HSV name. It may be too early to comment on yet, but already here in the premiere of Holstein Kiel I mean to be able to spell it.

There may be value to go to Hamburg early this season, and I test this thesis with a shot on a good Holstein Kiel result. Not that the Kiel guests should also be considered to have any big season. Kiel has also sold out of the arable silver, but the exit is not as fierce as in Hamburg.

Quality, looking at the troops, I would like to rate Hamburg as the best team of these two, but team news up to the season premiere speaks clearly for Holstein Kiel, who will be able to stand up in some strongest. In Hamburg, several important, very important even players lack and I have to turn over to Holstein Kiel. In terms of the odds market, it is understood. That Hamburg is supposed to be the favorite in this match, I will not in any way deal with, but with a look at the market, the value is on the Holstein Kiel side.

Situation – Hamburg:

Yes, it finally happened. Hamburg had to leave the Bundesliga. There was also something almost mythological about Hamburger Sport Verein, who, as the only club, had played in the Bundesliga constantly, but after five seasons in a row, had been in acute relegation (six years to find Hamburg with a better place than among the top five in the Bundesliga table), then the last season did not go anymore.

Not surprisingly, the leadership of HSV during the summer break has chosen to give the club’s team a comprehensive overhaul. It is primarily due to the economic circumstances. Coach Christian Titz, who was employed in March, has been allowed to stay, but predictably most wage players have left the club. For significant departures, I can mention goalkeeper Christian Mathenia, Dennis Diekmeier, Nicolai Muller, Walace, Luca Waldschmidt and Booy Wood, as well as people like Bjarne Thoelke, Alèn Halilovic, André Hahn, Sven Schipplock, Sejad Halihovic, Mergim Mavraj and Reserve Goalkeeper Andreas Hirzel. .

There is a convicted economic narrowing neck in HSV. The repository centers are either cheap players from smaller clubs, one can not really expect many starting places, or young people picked up in HSV’s youth system. Thus, no fewer than 11 men this summer have been promoted from HSV youth division to a place in the first team squad. Hamburg’s team is thus 2. Bundesliga’s youngest with the name of Aaron Hunt as the only man in the squad over 30 years. The central Swedish midfielder Albin Ekdal, who has to be considered one of the second best German ranks best box-to-box players, will judge a crucial player for Hamburg this season. That’s if he stays in the club because it is not clear that Hamburg is allowed to keep all of its remaining interesting players.

Objectively assessed, Hamburg makes sense not to count on a quick return to the best line, as the team’s quality should, however, reach a solid middle position. However, it is important to keep an eye on the transfer market in the coming period, as several of the remaining remaining Hamburg players, such as the 18-year-old assault rival Jann-Fiete Arp, as well as Filip Kostic, Aaron Hunt, Lewis Holtby and Albin Ekdal are allegedly targeted by other and more moneyy clubs.

It is important for Hamburg’s relatively unutilized team to get an okay season, but it is hardly an advantage that the passionate HSV fans rarely exhibit the great patience with their teams and players. In addition, it must be said that the two permanent center defenders Kyriakos Papadopoulos and Gideon Jung are out injured for the next couple of months.

Form & Latest Results – Hamburg:

The training matches up to the season have overall been good for Hamburg. That when you do not like a 1-5 defeat to AGF. Among other things. It has managed to defeat CSKA Moscow, Rapid Vienna, Stoke and Monaco.

Situation – Holstein Kiel:

Last season’s debut in the 2nd Bundesliga was close to ending as a pure adventure for Holstein Kiel, as the team achieved a third place and thus playoff on promotion. Here, however, routine Wolfsburg from the Bundesliga proved too big a mouthful.

The main reason behind Holstein Kiel’s good season was goals galore . Kiel scored 10 goals more than the second most scoring team in the 2nd Bundesliga, but you will not be able to figure it out this season. When a smaller club is successful, it typically means that larger clubs go to the beach party in the game group and with the departure of Dominik Drexler and Marvin Ducksch, the two alone have disappeared 30 of last season’s 71 Kiel boxes.

Besides the departure of Drexler and Ducksch, Kiel has also had to say goodbye to Rafael Czichos, who was taken to FC Köln by ex-Kiel coach Markus Anfang. There you have received replacements, but from far lower shelf, and the expectations for Holstein Kiel this time are not a top spot, but just a place in the middle of the 2nd Bundesliga. And with a bit of anxiety for the always important and difficult second season that upsets, one can probably not rule out that Holstein Kiel is even at risk of being involved in the relegation battle. It is important that supporting players like Dominik Schmidt in defensive and offensive people like Kingsley Schindler and Steven Lewerenz maintain the level from last season.

Form & Latest Results – Holstein Kiel:

Not so much to tell about here. Holstein Kiel has kept a lower profile and has not been so active in training matches up to the season as Hamburg, two weeks ago, however, noted a Kiel defeat of 2-6 to Dinamo Moscow.

Trupnyt – Hamburg: Unable to play in the season premiere is: In the defense of Kyriakos Papadopoulos, Gideon Jung and Stephan Ambrosius, in the midfield Albin Ekdal, Arianit Ferati, Bakery Jatta, Aaron Opoku and Moritz-Broni Kwarteng, as well as in the attack Filip Kostic .

And it seems like quite a heavy absence on the HSV team. Defense chiefs Kyriakos Papadopoulos and central midfielder Albin Ekdal (who are well-deserved holiday in the World Cup final) are probably Hamburg’s two most important players at all and Gideon Jung and Filip Kostic would, if they were ready, also be sure of a seat in the start-11s. In addition, although this is less clear, it could also have been a starting point for Arianit Ferati and Bakery Jatta.

On the positive side, it is noted that Pierre-Michel Lasogga is back after finishing loan lending in England, and he may train Christian Titz’s nik as a spearhead at the expense of young Jann-Fiete Arp.

However, it is hardly a big deal, because the season premiere could seem to be major weaknesses in the HSV team. With Papadopoulos and Jung out, HSV, for example, has over four player center defenders. It sounds fine, but they are untested and looking at their baptismal certificates, note that they are 21, 19, 19 and 19 years old, respectively. Not reassuring.

bundesliga 2

Trupnyt – Holstein Kiel: With the guests from Kiel, geographically located close to Hamburg, two men are out with long-term injuries, defender Arne Sicker and midfielder Philipp Sander. In addition, another defender, David Kinsombi, has been dubious.

However, it should not weaken the Holstein Kiel alverden, since none of the three above-mentioned players would in any case have been safe in a starting place. It looks like a new trainer at work, Tim Walter, can put up in some strongest.

Betting Tip for Today : Double Chance: x2

Teams: My bid for the likely startups:

  • Hamburg (4-1-4-1): Julian Pollersbeck; Gotoku Sakai, Rick van Drongelen, David Bates, Douglas Santos, Matti Steinmann, Khaled Narey, Christoph Moritz, Lewis Holtby, Aaron Hunt and Pierre-Michel Lasogga.
  • Holstein Kiel (4-2-3-1): Kenneth Kronholm; Patrick Herrmann, Dominik Schmidt, Hauke ​​Wahl, Johannes van den Bergh, Alexander Mühling, Jonas Meffert, Kingsley Schindler, Jae Song Lee, Mathias Honsak and Janni Luca Serra.

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