Even more, the patience of the Three Lions (over-) strained, the last time in the 1990 World Cup had advanced into the semi-final round, in this – of course, on penalties – the DFB selection subject.

Croatia vs England Today’s Soccer Prediction

For these and many more unfortunate defeats, the footballing motherland has finally been given a small reparation a few days ago: for the first time ever, England have beaten winning qualities in a penalty shoot-out against Colombia.We have to talk about luck here because the knees of the Croatian players were also noticeably trembling. If already the quota of 70% transformed shots is not very high, about Modric also cheated the ball his two attempts only somehow into the gate.
If, on the other hand, the performance shown above is the best, promotion to the semi-finals is anything but undeserved …
Taking into account the playful advantages, the fiery would have the nerve in both knockout rounds also good and happy to spare.Even a victory in the semifinals will now be made only on the team unity.
Faced with several battered top performers, the ability of individual stars on Wednesday threatens to move more than ever into the background.
Like a clockwork, the Croatian cogs have to mesh in particular with the English standards.
Icon AchtungIn any case, the Three Lions are busy these days with the argument that can win even with the almost exclusive resort to resting balls a World Cup.
Only three of their eleven goals so far has garnered the team of Gareth Southgate out of the game: Torgefahr was thus mainly with corner and free kicks – and kindled from the penalty spot.

Betting Tips Today – Croatia vs England

But these rare attacks had already been enough to expose a few weaknesses. For example, the cafeteros had promptly come to an equalizer in injury time with the help of a mini-final spurt.
In the quarterfinals then also the Swedes appeared in spite of only sparingly set pin pricks several times dangerous in front of the box. World Champion class here proved only Keeper Pickford, who is one of the great discoveries of the World Cup.After the Croats were recently dealt with two hard-to-play bastions, it could now be a little easier on Wednesday to disassemble an opponent using playful means.

Prediction Today: Croatia wins

Odds: 3,30

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