Samtredia vs Tobol Today’s Soccer Prediction


The Georgian band is on the fourth place in the European Cups, so far it has not managed to win any doubles
In the last season she even participated in the Champions League, being defeated by the 0-6 score by QarabagHe is in domestic championship and takes the last place after 18 rounds, with only 11 points accumulated.In 2018 she was only able to win two official games
n this situation, he has a good chance to leave the competition yet, his opponent being a great favorite in qualifying


He comes after a white draw in the first Kazakh league in front of Astana
t occupies an excellent place three after 17 stages and thus can once again aim again in the European Cups
He is very strong on the move, where he has reached a series of five consecutive wins in official matches
Practice a very pragmatic football, and in the championship he gets on average under one goal per game
It does not excel in the offensive and there are quite a few opportunities to make a show

Soccer Prediction of the Day Samtredia vs Tobol

Although starting with the first chance, Tobol will not have an easy match, Samtredia will most likely barricade in his own half of the pitch in an attempt to get a positive result
In the championship, it is obvious that Samtredia does not help her value, so she will most likely try to practice a speedless game to inconvenience her opponent who is stronger in terms of value
Even if he starts with the first chance, let’s not forget that Tobol practices a pragmatic football in the championship and does not impress at all on the side of the attack
So, considering these things, it is very likely that we will witness a rather boring duel, which will end with a maximum of two scored goals

Prediction Today: No goal before the 40th minute

Odds: 2.38

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