Paysandu vs Fortaleza Today’s Soccer Prediction


The moment the Papão crosses is quite delicate. The team seems to have lost the chemistry that came to exist on their part at the beginning of the competition and each round, after a new stumble, plunges more on the leaderboard. Paysandu have managed only a single victory in the last six games and arrive to this duel being four games without being able to win.
At the front, the leader of the championship. Not easy, right? At the same time that the drop is constant, internally, the papa still uses the maximum for the cast that, it will suffice a great victory over the leader for the Papão to get back on points in the first placed on the leaderboard. Showing a greater tactical balance is the minimum that is expected for the Paysandu to have a chance of reaction. Playing in your home is another point in confidence for you. The Paysandu can still show its strength in their home.
The coach Dado Cavalcanti will not be able to count on Diego Ivo and Nando Carandina, suspended.


It’s extremely normal, but does it worry? Oh, at least it makes one or another doubt come to exist, right? The Fortaleza was crossing a sky of Brigadeiro in this Series B. In the last four games, cohabiting with embezzlements, mainly, saw the results begin to go in a curve contrary to what was happening – the Fortaleza won only one of these matches.
The team is still isolated in the lead of Serie B, but with a short squad, they are starting to get stuck by now, there are doubts whether the team will be able to stay in the same footprint of the past to sustain the lead. When the team manages to give a little more in its extremities, the Fortress returns to be more competitive. But, there has been a certain irregularity in its way of acting. As a visitor, Pici’s Lion has scored points in four of his last six duels. But, there is certainty that it will be necessary to show a little more to re-score.
The coach Rogério Ceni will not be able to count on his main player, the scorer Gustavo, and Marcinho, injured.

Soccer Prediction of the Day Paysandu vs Fortaleza

Yeah, it’s going to be a risky bet. Going against the leader always sounds bad, right? But, the Fortress will be devoid of important parts here. The Paysandu also has embezzlement, but manages to raise his rhythm playing as principal and will still have the return of its main player at disposal, Cassiano. I see chances of Papão coming to add points here.

Prediction Today: Paysandu or Draw

Odds: 1.40

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