Wolfsburg vs Kiel Soccer Prediction Today


The Wolfsburg fought until the thirty-fourth and last round of the 2017/2018 edition of the German Championship to escape the relegation zone. On Saturday, May 12, at home, thrashed the Cologne, already downgraded, by 4 to 1. However, with the victory of Freiburg, 2-0 against Augsburg, had to settle for the sixteenth position.
In the Bundesliga, only the last two placed fall directly into the Second Division. Whoever is in the last third place has the right to play in the third round of the Bundesliga 2.

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This situation consolidates a scenario created a few years ago with the reduction of investment in Wolfsburg football that was made by the carmaker Volkswagen, owner of the club. The team, who used to appear in the first half of the table even reaching to win places in continental competitions, became a mere helper in the German league and flirted with the relegation zone.
The dating turned out to be series relationship in the current season. In addition to budget constraints, Swiss coach Martin Schmidt has yet to deal with a very large number of medical problems.
On the eve of the decision against Kiel, they are in the infirmary and do not know if defenders Paul Jaeckel, Sebastian Jung, Marcel Tiesserand and Paul Verhaegh will be able to play; the socks Riechedly Bazoer, Ignacio Camacho and Daniel Didavi; and the attackers Admir Mehmed and Victor Osimhen.


With less than 250,000 inhabitants, the city of Kiel is in northern Germany and is the capital of the state of Schleswig-Holstein. Kiel, who is 115 years old and has a small stadium with a capacity for six thousand spectators, has never reached the elite division of German football.
In the 2017/2018 season, he made the best campaign of his history in the Bundesliga 2. On Sunday, May 13, when he thrashed Braunschweig at home 6-2 on the thirty-fourth and last round of the competition, he reached 56 points (14 wins, 14 draws and six losses) confirming the third position. Bundesliga direct spots for the champion and for the live had already been won by Dusseldorf (63 points) and Nuremberg (60 points).
Kiel stood out in the crowd thanks to his great offensive power. Scored 71 goals in the tournament. The number of goals scored was higher than those scored by the teams that got the first spot in the First Division. Champion Dusseldorf has scored 57 goals. Nuremberg rocked the rivals’ networks 61 times.
His defense did not make it ugly. With 44 goals conceded, was the fifth best of the Bundesliga 2. This balance made Kiel finish the season with the fewest losses. Dusseldorf and Nuremberg, respectively, lost nine and eight matches against six of third place.

Soccer Prediction of the Day Wolfsburg vs Kiel

Kiel showed a very consistent football in the Bundesliga 2. The big question, however, is whether the athletes will be able to stay calm in the games that are certainly the most important in the club’s history. This makes the Wolfsburg guess the best fit for the first match.

Prediction Today: Wolfsburg

Odds: 1.85

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