Criciúma vs Juventude Soccer Prediction Today


The Tigers’ board did well, but it was impossible to keep coach Algiers Fucks after their fifth straight loss. The club’s board acted fast, bringing Mazola Junior to try to get Criciúma out of the deep hole he is in. There’s still time.
In five games played by this Series B, despite having been defeated in all, in many of them Criciúma was able to demonstrate competitiveness. Yes, with a lack of confidence in growing, everything seems more complicated for you, no doubt. It is hoped that with the change of environment caused by the exchange in the technical commission, allied with his fans returning to play along with him, give more confidence for the Tiger to try the reaction.
The coach Mazola Júnior will not be able to count on Élvis, suspended, Sandro and Lucas Coelho, injured.


Youth has been competitive. However, setting his competitiveness in draws, he has not been able to leave the place. The team have won only a single win in this Series B. Youth are out of the relegation zone, but know they need to present more.
For you, it has still been difficult to find the best tactical adjustment, despite many days of training. The team has offensive potential. but it hardly gets out of the basics. Defensively, even by his more offensive-focused posture, has not been resilient. Playing without the responsibilities of proposing the game, Juventude has managed to score more frequently. There were two wins in the last three away and home games.
Coach Julinho Camargo will repeat the tie that equalized with Paysandu at home in the final round.

Soccer Prediction of the Day Criciúma vs Juventude

The change in the technical commission should give a new gas to Criciúma. The Juventus, needing points, still sees the rival to be flawed in their tactical difficulties and lack of confidence. Possibly, the Criciúma will try to be dominant, but still it should not have the best fit for such. Youth, by habit, plays and lets play. Some goals should come out, therefore.

Prediction Today: Over 1.5 Goals

Odds: 1.42


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