St. Truidense
He is on the 7th place with 29 points after 22 stages.
11 meeks have not won, one of them in the Cup.
Home was imposed in 6 of the 11 league games and only 2 lost.
The offensive is just over the other 3 bands and has 25 successes.
Defense is one of the middle, 9th with 32 goals.

He occupies the penultimate position with 18 points after 22 rounds.
It comes after four consecutive defeats, so the morale of the players is on the ground.
He scored just one goal in the last 5 away games in the championship and in 3 he was defeated.
It is the weakest band in First Division A because it has only 21 successes.
Neither is the defense well, it’s only 12 and has scored 37 goals.

Direct meetings
Twenty-one times they have battled and the situation is very balanced right now.
Both teams have twelve wins and six times finished in a draw.
In the last 6 disputes, both have won 3 games, each time on their own.
In the tour of this championship, Mechelen was forced to score 2-0.

My tip for St. Truiden vs Mechelen
St. Truidense is the better team, with 8 places higher in the rankings and besides, it will have the advantage of own land, which has proved extremely important during these meetings.
She won the last three home games with this opponent, and last time she did it very lightly in May last year when the table showed the final 7-0.
The hosts of this game are a nutshell this season on the Stayen arena, only the powerful Antwerp and Charleroi managed to impose there and out of 11 duels St. Truidense has won 6 wins, which is not bad at all.
Mechelen is the band with the weakest offense in the first Belgian league and in the last 5 away games scored once and if it does not do it now, I’m pretty sure it will lose, as it happened in the last four matches in which she was defeated at 0.
We also have a safety net, the bet being one with the stake returned in the event of a draw.

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